Programa Na Mão Certa

Why was the program created?

Childhood Brasil (Instituto WCF-Brasil) works to protect the rights of children and adolescents. It especially focuses on sexual violence, a complex topic, almost always regarded as an issue exclusively for law enforcement to handle as opposed to a problem that must be confronted by society as a whole.

The On the Right Track Program stemmed from the need to come up with more effective answers to an issue which, according to the Secretaria Especial de Direitos Humanos (SEDH) [Federal Special Human Rights Department], occurs in 937 municipalities, most of which are located in Northeastern and Southeastern Brazil.

The networks that benefit from child and adolescent sexual exploitation, which are connected to tourism, pornography, and prostitution, are normally organized within the country's inland areas. In 2007, the Federal Road Police identified 1,819 spots that put children and adolescents especially at risk of sexual exploitation on federal highways in Brazil.

According to the Federal Road Police, 1,819 spots have been identified that put children and adolescents especially at risk of commercial sexual exploitation on Brazilian federal roadways, many of which are located along the borders of the country where international drug and human trafficking is more intense.





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