Programa Na Mão Certa


In order to achieve this goal, Childhood Brasil (Instituto WCF-Brasil), in addition to offering a website, a magazine, and important information tools, entered into a partnership with the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility to create a Corporate Pact (see Corporate Pact), which intends to include this topic in corporate social responsibility programs. Discussion groups, events, and the spreading of best practices are just a few of the activities developed. Another form of sensitizing society is the on-going campaigns to disseminateing the cause.

Under the slogan "Together we are going to wipe out child and adolescent sexual exploitation alongside our roadways," the Lew'Lara\TBW Agency created advertising pieces that were transformed into billboards, signs and posters that are displayed on roads and gas stations.

In order to accomplish its mission of educating and transforming truck drivers into safeguards of child and adolescent rights, the On the Right Track Program develops campaigns to communicate and inform truck drivers on this issue and also to value these road professionals, reinforcing the stance that "Together we are going to wipe out child and adolescent sexual exploitation alongside our roadways".

With respect to education, it offers a Continuing Education Project developed by the signatory companies of the Corporate Pact, which aims to foster the exchange of experiences, information, and knowledge. Therefore, an illustrated educational collection of On the Right Track Guides was created to bring information and orientation on this topic to these road professionals, in addition to addressing other subjects related to citizenship that are of their interest. Another strategy is to empower companies to develop these educational actions through presentational workshops and action guidelines.

And one more strategy is to empower companies to develop these educational actions regionally through presential workshops for the training of focal points and multipliers as well as the creation of specific guides to drive their activities within the companies.

The third goal is to conduct prevention campaigns and to promote the development of the organizations that serve children and adolescents, thus strengthening the system for the protection of children and adolescents, especially those at a higher risk of being exposed to this malady.

In this sense, the main role of the On the Right Track Program is to generate, spread and share information with the most diverse segments directly or indirectly involved in this phenomenon: communities; families; schools; non-governmental organizations; guardianship councils; children's and adolescents' special courts; the road police; truck, tire and tire repair manufacturers; fuel distributors; transport companies or companies that use the road transportation system in Brazil.

Thus, the On the Right Track Program is in charge of improving the monitoring outlets currently in place, deepening the knowledge of the profile of the children and the adolescents involved in sexual exploitation on roads, in addition to identifying and promoting successful experiences so that they can be reapplied throughout the country.



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