The Corporate Pact


The word Pact says it all. It is a covenant, a treaty, an agreement.

The Corporate Pact proposed by Childhood Brasil and the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility is a strategy with the objective of involving companies and stimulating them to publicly undertake, within the scope of their social responsibility practices, the commitment of engaging in actions opposed to child and adolescent sexual exploitation on Brazilian roadways.

Adhering to the Pact is a voluntary act.

It is a public declaration that the company understands its social role and feels to be co-responsible for the development and the well-being of children and adolescents.

A socially responsible company cannot allow that the rights of children and adolescents be breached in any manner within its facilities, fleet vehicles or at any point in their production chain. It is also their responsibility (as well as the government's, the family's, and society's) to comply with Article 227 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, which sets forth that it is everyone's duty to protect children and adolescents against all forms of negligence, discrimination, exploitation, violence, cruelty, and oppression.

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